SpecialSpecial  Benefits for our Guestse

Our guests enjoy special rates at the very best attractions in Eilat – Dolphin Reef and the Reef Diving Group Dive Centers – the most professional group of scuba diving centers in Israel, where you can explore the magic of the Red Sea.
Ask at the hotel reception desk for more information regarding guest benefits.


Stay at the Blue Hotel and enjoy Eilat with breakfast adventure!
We have chosen just for you a variety of cafes around the town or on the beaches.
Enjoy the next door Italian restaurant "Il Pentolino or spoil yourself at the beautiful and romantic beach restaurant at the dolphin reef.
list of restaurants, opening hours& menus please click here.
For more information & purchase breakfast coupon please contact reception desk. 

Dolphin Reef Eilat 

DOLPHIN REEF EILAT, on the shores of the Red Sea, is an ecological site unique in Israel
and throughout the world where visitors can enjoy a natural atmosphere, magical views, and a secluded beach together with the unusual opportunity of meeting and observing dolphins in
their natural habitat...
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Dolphin Reef Eilat 

Surrounded by a lush, green botanical garden are three heated pools - the first is deep, with sea water, the second, shallow with soft fresh water (rain water), and the third with high concentration salt water with absolute flotation.
The special atmosphere and surroundings, the underwater music and the relaxation techniques demonstrated by the staff, all add to this unique and special experience...
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The relaxation pools at Dolphin Reef 
Introductory dives are done with full scuba equipment including air tanks. Each participant is accompanied on the dive by his or her own personal instructor...
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Introductory dive with dolphins 
Snorkeling sessions are conducted in guided groups of maximum three persons with one guide for the whole group. Each participant wears a mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit. It is important that participants have previously used a snorkel and mask...
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Swimm with dolphins 

Red Sea - Israel’s southernmost city of Eilat is famous as a premier shore-based diving resort on the Red Sea coast.
This area of the Red Sea features breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs and an enchanting underwater world, featuring hundreds of varieties of fish and other marine life forms.  It is an underwater paradise...
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Marina Divers dive center 

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